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Digital kittens network

Digital design for Second life, Opensim and virtual worlds.

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Kittens info

Digital kittens network.

Digital art and artists

Digital kittens network


Maybe you are a builder, graphic artist, photographer or a model.

Creating fashion or landscapes. Writing code or scripts.


You are a digital artist and you want to join in.


We create web tools and projects on the virtual world web.

You find Digitalkittens in Second life, on the web and on Opensimgrids.


There is a Second life group or you can join the Digital kittens network on the website an download some stuff.


As always enjoy.

On the website

Another one for Cica Ghost. “Them”

As always I like the new installation by Cica Ghost. There are a lot of mesh stuff but good frame rate for my Oculus so it is well done.

Have no idea what it means but you can always go and see for you self.

Dark side of the Rainbow at – Kitely

For some reason I wanted to go exploring today and came to a different place.

A tribute to Pink Floyd and a very different graphical sim. It is big and there are someone to love to build in his or hers own style. It was a nice walk before i lost contact with the sim. Do not know if Kitely closes the sim after a while??

Here is a link from Opensimworld if you want to visit.

VR is all in flux

Vacation is over and it is time to start working again. I have been playing a lot of games and explored many virtual worlds. Several hours a day. I have been driving truc

Read more: VR is all in flux

Got my piece ready for OSG9B


Got my exhibition piece ready for the Celebration of OSgrid. It is on the exhibition area. Everything starts 25 July and i try to be there to check things out.


Read more: Got my piece ready for OSG9B

Hypergrid jumping to Sparkle

I try to visit all grids that visit my grid. Today i came to Sparkle. Not a grid it is a sim and as i have been jumping a lot i do not know what grid i am on. I think tha

Read more: Hypergrid jumping to Sparkle

Right now i am testing a new tool for doing 3D pictures. DAZ Studio 4.5 . I am not that fond of the renderer but i have found several others on the net that i can use with some tweeking.



The user interface is nice and you have thrre to select. One is very user friendly if you are just starting out with 3D images. You get some assets to start experimenting with and best of all it is free.


Go over to and check it out.


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cyberserenity I am at Avatarfest this year to. Now i just have to come up with a fabulous new build for the exhibition.
cyberserenity @IVAOAERO just put the beta out for testing. Development will be so much faster when you have 100 of people helping to find all those bugs.
cyberserenity Todays project. I think, maybe our DNS server been hacked. It does strange things. I know nothing about DNS servers so now i have to learn.
cyberserenity It is not only network's and computer's that you can hack. You can hack everything. Slowly learning a new perspective on life.
cyberserenity After a few days of work. I am confused about VR

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