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About us

World of digital design.

We are a Swedish website located outside of Lund in the southern part of Sweden. We do world building in different metaverse. We work in Second life, Opensim, Flight simulator and other game systems. The general idea is to use mature technology as game graphics and software to expand its usefulness into the art world. Transforming tech to art and virtual design. On the website you find shop and downloads and the support site. You find Rebecca de Milneaux fashion, art space Magazine, Digital kittensm cyberserenitys blog and stuff for flight simulator.



 Anna Lorentzson

Anna Lorentzson SL avatar

I used to be a software programmer and a crazy Second life citizen. I also have been a pro artist for 20 years now. I really like doing virtual designs or roaming the virtual web in my Oculus rift. I am always looking for new virtual artists and designers. When i can i am on the hypergrid or doing ATC on a Nordic airport for IVAO. Virtual life is a part of my reality now. More about me at My website

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Contact: Skype name a2worlds2go or telephone in Sweden.(+46 (0)46 2885325) mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Digital kittens network.

Digital art and artists

Digital kittens network


Maybe you are a builder, graphic artist, photographer or a model.

Creating fashion or landscapes. Writing code or scripts.


You are a digital artist and you want to join in.


We create web tools and projects on the virtual world web.

You find Digitalkittens in Second life, on the web and on Opensimgrids.


There is a Second life group or you can join the Digital kittens network on the website an download some stuff.


As always enjoy.



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