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Welcome to the developer grid @ 2worlds2go

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The devgrid

Welcome to the developer grid at Art space.

This grid is hypergrid enabled at



But it is not always on or could be slow sometimes.

It is for experimental purposes, to test stuff and sometimes break stuff.

Not all islands are on at all times.

What sims are online depends on what we are working on at the moment.


The main 9 islands running on a fast server and good access. The other islands a located on different computers and can be slow at times.


There are around 20 islands.But some are just full of crazy builds and test stuff.


 If you are on a safari. The main islands have no avatar restrictions. The other are often limited to 5 people.


We are still ironing out bugs.


We now have a High Fidelity Server on the grid to. Place name is hifi://2worlds2go.

Its up when we work on it.


Grid is today run by Anna Lorentzson Art & Design.



Grid Status: Offline

The feed




2worlds2go feed


2worlds2go website about virtual worlds. Find content for Opensim and the web. Free downloads,
  • Waiting at ENGM for company flight to land.

    Snow today at ENGM and had to wait for another Scandinavian VA plane to land. But it is lots of fun anyway. Not that often I see other SAS pilots out there at IVAO.

  • Time to drive again.

    Time to do some driving again. On my way to Hamburg. And I did a flight for my VA today. A good days work.

  • Shopping at the hypergrid

    Today I wanted to take some time of and go shopping on the hypergrid. There are some nice shops out there now.




    Really nice shops. It is so nice to see well built shops not just a lot of pics on the walls like a catalog.

    This is what going shopping means. If you never have done it in real? If you do not need anything just go for the nice shops. This is what virtual shopping should look like.


    And now nice things are on the hypergrid too. Not so afraid if they close down SL anymore. I can go shopping on the HG